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Connie Shuping's expertise, education, experience, attention to detail, and highly ethical and professional approach to selling real estate puts her a cut above the rest.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS! Now more than ever you need professional knowledge and experience to navigate through today's prolifieration of online resources separating heresay from fact and a familiarity with local area practices. A real estate leader since 1986, Connie Shuping knows how to navigate today's challenging market and delivers outstanding results.

Connie Shuping's Master's Degree in Business Administration Gives Her an Edge Over the Competition

  • Connie's innovative and creative marketing materials, including what many say are the best photographs in the area displaying the attractions of her listings, mean more buyers notice and choose to view your home
  • Connie's business sense and expert timing mean your home sells sooner and with fewer concessions made by you
  • Connie offers solid advice on "staging" your home to appeal to the average Buyer, so that your home is chosen over competing listings
  • Connie is equally knowledgeable and experienced in vacant lot and raw land sales and will guide you through the steps needed to ensure your purchase will accomodate the home and other use(s) you have planned including provisions for wells and septic systems, zoning questions you should ask, and more
  • Connie's top-notch negotiation skills mean you come out on top
  • Connie's "people skills" mean buyers interested in your home working with other real estate agents aren't lost to circumstances- she can coach the new agent, communicate effectively with the timid agent, and stand up to the most obnoxious or "pushy" agent to accomplish the common objective of selling your home
  • Connie's perseverance, attention to detail, and dedication to you and her profession mean Connie's deals don't fall apart -- they close!

Choosing Connie Shuping to Work for You Is the Best Decision You Can Make When Selling a Home!

Ready to sell? Use the contact page to email Connie for the best assistance possible when selling your home!

In Connie's own words:

  • "I offer advice on easy & inexpensive solutions (often as simple as furniture rearrangement) that make your home appear more spacious and appealing to potential Buyers comparing your home to others on the market."
  • "When working with Sellers, I know people are entrusting me with their most valuable financial asset -- their home.  It's a responsibility I take very seriously. I know that your success is my success.  You won't find another Real Estate Broker with more enthusiasm or a more positive attitude than I.  My positive thinking (and lots of hard work) always pays off for you!"

I Welcome Your Questions and Look Forward to Creating a Personal Marketing Strategy for Selling Your Home!